19. Novembra 2007 gada jaunumi

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19. Novembra 2007 gada jaunumi

Post by Admin on 21/11/2007, 16:06

Greetings Perfect World Fans!

We have finally received word from Beijing that the long awaited patch is ready! Between 7pm and 9pm Malaysian time tonight the patch download process will begin. Once all files have been received the test server will be updated and tomorrow (20th Nov) will be dedicated to testing the patch as throughly as we possibly can.

If (and I stress here 'IF') no further bugs are found then the patch will be put on the patch servers to be made available for download. Whatever the case may be, there will be a post made at the end of tomorrow the 20th of November or 21st of November. The posted update will indicate the results of the test and hopefully, if all goes well, the long awaited Open Beta date will be announced.

Please keep in mind that the announcement of Open Beta will occur assuming there are no major bugs.


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